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Company Presentations

Seizing chances and realizing them

It is hard to find a field of study that offer as many different opportunities for the future of its graduates as economics. Hereby comes the agony of choice: Which career start is best for me? And what entry options exist on the job market?

To ensure that your career gets a boost in the right direction, the Business Contacts offers an overview through company presentations in the JUR 1. Presentations held by representatives of EDEKA, McKinsey, Genossenschaftsverband and OTTO provide students of business and economics with information about opportunities in industry, consumer goods companies or consultancies. Because only those who know their options can decide which direction is the individually best. Afterwards there is only one thing left to do on the day of the fair: seize chances.

11:00-11:45: EDEKA

12:00-12:45: McKinsey

14:00-14:45: Genossenschaftsverband

15:00-15:45: OTTO

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